Why learn the piano?

The benefits of playing the piano

The benefits of learning the piano go far beyond the development of musical abilities. Countless studies have demonstrated that the benefits of playing music help your brain more than any other activity. Whether you are a professional who spends countless hours a day practicing, or have no musical pretensions, there are unquestionable benefits to playing musical instruments, especially piano. Even more, studies show it is never too late to start learning piano – the mental and physical benefits apply to all ages. Playing a musical instrument like Piano doesn’t only enhance your skills but also contributes to your health throughout your life.

1. Encourages Creativity

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2. Improves concentration levels, discipline and patience

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3. Encourages brain development

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4. Practice with Time Management & Organization

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5. Improves math skills

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6. Provides a safe form of entertainment and distraction that is also educational

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7. Strengthens Hand Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination

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8. Improves language and reading skills

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9. Boosts self-esteem

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10. expands cultural awareness:

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11. Reduces stress and anxiety

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