Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do the classes take place ?

All our lessons take place at your home in the parisian region or online. The time of the lessons will be set to fit your schedule.

Who can enroll?

Anyone with a desire to learn or better themselves is welcome in our program.

How is the method adjusted to individual needs?

We work directly with our students to figure out what their goals and intentions are to set up a program that best fits their needs. For example, a student that wishes to learn an instrument as part of their overall education might have more lenient or flexible goals that one who's preparing for an audition, an exam or even a competition. The later one will be interested in a more rapid development, and will benefit from a more intense program.

What are the benefits of learning the piano, if I don't want to be a professional musician?

Learning to play an instrument, particularly the piano, has benefits that go beyond learning the instrument or learning about music. Countless studies have demonstrated that the benefits of playing music help your brain more than any other activity. Some of these benefits include : strength memory and reading skills, strength bonds with others, process multiple things at once, increase blood flow in your brain, reduce stress and depression, strengthen the brain's executive function, and much more...

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How do I choose the length of my lessons?

The duration of a lesson should be adapted to the age group, level and goals. For example, a young beginner who doesn't need to prepare for any particular exam can start with a 30 minute lesson once a week. While a more experienced one who wishes to develop more quickly should have an hour long lesson, sometimes even longer.

If you're having difficulties understanding which lesson is better adapted for you please contact us : ipa.pianoacademy@gmail.com

Can I adjust the length of the lesson once it has been set in place?

Yes, it is possible to change the length of a lesson. Your teacher might be the first to recommend a longer lesson if your progress is been satisfactory or a shorter lesson if need be.

Should I enroll on a yearly or semester program, or is it better to have solo lessons?

Learning an instruments takes time and effort. It is extremely rare to see progress after just one lesson. The yearly and semester programs are created as a way to set goals that can be achieved on a medium to long term basis. Furthermore, the cost of each lesson in these programs is less (overall) than the cost of solo lessons.

Can I change the day or the time of the lesson once it has been set in place?

Yes, it is possible to change the day or the time of a lesson provided due notice and in accord to the teacher's schedule.

How much do I have to practice on a weekly basis?

It depends on what you aim at. While some professionals or conservatory students can practice up to 4 hours a day (sometimes more), a beginner can see notible improvements with just 15 to 20 minutes a day, or even an hour a week.

When can I start?

Immediately. While we provide a yearly and semester program that follows the french school calendar, scheduling can be adjusted to fit your own personal calendar.